Drive Your Stack Forward

With Stacktus, you can build and manage your marketing technology stacks in one place.

Visualize, Manage, Plan

Made for marketing technologists, by marketing technologists.
After years of managing our stacks in spreadsheets and Powerpoints, we knew there had to be a better way.


Share tools. Share knowledge.

Visualize for your organization what tools are used to support your customers at each step in the client lifecycle. Create a shared knowledge base of how your tools are being used today, and what tools are available for employees to make greater use of.


Stay in control of your stack.

Track licenses, expiration and renewal dates, and schedule reminders to reevaluate your tools on a regular basis.


Share your vision.

Advancing your marketing strategy takes planning. Build visual roadmaps of what your martech stack will look like in the future on a monthly, quarterly or annual basis.


Auto-Stack Builder

Quick and easy 3 step process generates a visual representation of your martech stack in minutes.

Pre-Built Templates

Whether your marketing strategy, B2B, B2C or ABM, we have pre-built starter templates to help you visualize your martech stack.


Track how your ecosystem of tools integrates with each other. An integrated stack is a more powerful stack.


Your market changes. Technology changes. Your stack is going to change. Take control of your vision by planning your stack’s roadmap on a monthly, quarterly, or annual basis.

Export & Share

Export your stack as a PDF or image to insert into a presentation. Share a link to the real-time version of your stack so others within your organization can access it anytime, anywhere.

Tool ID Cards

Manage important information about each of your tools. Attach contracts, share notes, and keep track of how many licenses are in use.

Scheduled Reminders

Keep track of renewal and expiration dates for each of your tools, and schedule customized reminders so you never miss an important date.

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